A very definitive spread with citrus fruits and other glyphs

Interaktive Installation
Februar 2020, Akademie der Künste
im Rahmen der Werkausstellung „WHERE THE STORY UNFOLDS“

Tarot or „tarocco“ refers to both a card game and a Sicilian variety of blood orange.
The installation is inspired by the
ambiguity of the practice of reading cards. This practice is not only used to tell fortunes and interpret the future but also as a tool to generate playful narratives. A tent installed in the middle of the exhibition hall invites visitors to enter and experience an entropic and cacophonous narrative inside – and to manipulate it.
The objects found there become a collection of glyphs loaded with unknown meaning. Each object activates a reaction on one of three screens through touch: a kind of triptych, a visual archive comprised of video footage recorded in the area around the Akademie der Künste in the Hansaviertel district as well as found footage. A conversation between objects and digitally presented answers emerges, which is constantly being rearranged and activated by the visitors’ hands – an experimental space
between profane and sacred, play and fate.